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Trump Supportive of Georgia Police
President D.J. Tr*mp weighed in today on the recent use of a taser by police officers in Georgia on an 87-year-old woman who was cutting dandelions in her neighborhood.

While snipping the salad greens, the woman was acosted by three armed officers, including the local police chief, who ordered her to drop the kitchen knife she had been using. As a non-English speaker, she did not understand their commands, she reported later. After failing to drop her knife she was tasered by one of the officers. She was hospitalized and released and is recovering at home. Charges are pending according to the chief, who immediately defended his valiant team.

"This is just another example of how we must be vigilant where foreign-born people are concerned," Tr*mp asserted in a tweet seconds after being informed of the incident. "Before criticizing police, we should remember what happened to that girl in Nebraska," he added, giving no details.

"If she didn't speak English, she should have said 'I don't speak English' or something" he emphasized with yet another of the logical pearls for which he is well known and admired by his supporters. "Today dandelions, tomorrow who knows; okra, collards?" he concluded.

(Fox News did not contribute to this report, stylistic similarities notwithstanding. —The Editors)

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