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Seattle Press is hosted by Clark Internet Publishing as a demonstration of its Journalmaker™ service. The former Seattle Press ceased publication and distribution of its printed newspaper after October 3, 2003. There is no corporate tie between the two entities.

Clark Internet Publishing managed technical services for the online editions of The Seattle Press from 1998 to 2003. We created the online edition using our Journalmaker™ package. When the SP ceased publication we retained the domain, which we originally registered, and the archive. Several features of the site are open to the public for dissemination of news and opinion. This platform is open to writers from the community. Clark IP does not act in prior restraint of or accept responsibility for user-created content; information and opinions are the responsibility of their authors, who must be registered users accepting such responsibility.

The Calendar allows readers to post events, subject to review by the administrator. Events must be family friendly. Events that carry an admission charge may be subject to a small publicity fee. Events can be single-day, serial, or recurrent. The Calendar uses the standard "iCalendar" format and can link to other calendars of regional interest. If you know of a Puget Sound oriented iCalendar, send information using the To The Editor form in the Contents.

The Forums are available for discussion of local issues. Many articles carry a comment form, so you can weigh in on topics of interest to you. Recent comments are summarized in the Feedback page.

The Directory accepts business listings at no cost for central Puget Sound firms and organizations. Upgraded full page presentations and comprehensive websites are available at low cost.

Registered members may post updates and entries in a personal profile, whose contents are their own.

Please note: All responsibility for editorial content for material published before September 1, 2004, rests with the former publishers and authors. Comments posted in the forums or in the directory or free classifieds are the responsibility of their authors. Caveat Lector!

Clark IP asks your support to keep the archive, forums, etc., available. We receive no revenue from the old SP management. Your donation and your advertising dollars go to support of the servers, communications, technical upgrades and periodic updates of links to external resources. You can also help by patronizing the businesses and non-profit organizations that advertise on the site. Thank you.


News and feature articles 1998 to Sept 3, 2003, copyright © The Seattle Press. Seattle Press design and automated features copyright © 1998 to present Clark Internet Publishing Inc. Materials in news feeds and other linked sites are the property of and copyright © their respective authors.

"Journalmaker" and "" as they refer to our online publishing system and component tools are trademarks (TM) of Clark Internet Publishing. Related coding is copyright © 1998 to the present date by Clark Internet Publishing.


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