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New 'Community Journal' to expand news, commentary, etc., in SP site
The Seattle Press is undergoing a substantial change in content management. We have added a "Member Networking" feature that will enable reader-writers to contribute news and commentaries by publishing personal Journals and regular Updates.

The initial capabilities include

  • Member Journals - a full-featured blog/journal lets each member contribute news and commentary.
  • Timely Updates - use this Twitter-like feature to report personal events or to point to articles in your journal or to external sites.
  • Picture and Movie Links - Link to your picture and movie albums on popular media sites like Flickr, YouTube, etc., icons on our site will link to your content on their site.
  • Member to Member Messages - write individual messages to other members; (to reduce spam the number of messages per day is limited).
And coming soon
  • Embed an image in each journal posts
  • Link to Friends and send group messages
  • Form user Groups within the site - this is how we will spotlight neighborhood news
  • Publish your own lists of Favorite sites, books, films...
Check back soon to see what's New(s)!
Message Boards Renewed
Dear Readers: This would be a good time to renew your acquaintance with the SPOL Forums. Registration is now required to post or reply, in order to limit the increasing volume of spam posts. We've cleaned up the message boards, removing a vast amount of garbage, including links to places you'd no doubt rather that members of your family not go. We deleted a large number of expired users, anachronistic posts with their comments, and advertisements not related to Greater Seattle. We used various database queries to achieve this cleanup, and a few legitimate users and/or posts may have been lost. If this includes you or yours, please re-register and enjoy the leaner, greener Forums.
Calendar Bug Repaired
A reader reported a bug in the Add Event form in our Calendar. The error has been repaired. Readers are welcome to submit family-friendly events directly to the Calendar.