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Member Updates

Rees Clark 30-Mar-2021
Kindly share...

Rees Clark 08-Feb-2021
Be on the lookout. Portland girl missing.

Rees Clark 28-Mar-2020
Tr*mp Grandstanding Again. This time it was at the departure of the hospital ship Comfort enroute New York. No need for his presence; it just delayed the departure. I'm guessing he...
Site Admin 09-Mar-2020
Stay informed about COVID-19 with the latest from King-Seattle Health Department.
Rees Clark 14-Jan-2020
Finally, some clarity.

Rees Clark 28-Nov-2019
Headline: Tr*mp outperforms CliffsNotes on superficiality index. Subhead: Research shows no one has ever exhibited such limited understanding of Constitution or its approval; many...
Rees Clark 20-Oct-2019
Was Mick Mulvaney—and by extension Pres. Tr*mp—lying when saying Doral was best choice in a search for G7 site? If so why can't they just move on to #2. (Perhaps because they...
Rees Clark 25-Aug-2019
As Marcellus observed, nothing is gotten from the state of Denmark.
Frank Alexander 12-Jul-2019
? for the HR dept.: If Dir. of Nat'l. Intelligence Dan Coats leaves and Tr*mp replaces him with yet another acting director, can there be any hope that that person will truly act...
Rees Clark 27-Mar-2019
South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg seems very rational so far, but should he be elected, I'm a little concerned about the danger from flying bone shards as the heads of some of my...
Frank Alexander 20-Mar-2019
First employment downturn in quite a while. Cause for concern?
Edson Romero 13-Mar-2019
Just brought my company LER Web Services to Seattle from Miami Lakes. We hope you welcome us with questions.
Rees Clark 27-Feb-2019
Pres. Tr*mp has demonstrated his lack of racial bias by employing an Asian woman as his Korean interpreter in Vietnam talks.
Rees Clark 25-Jan-2019
Unflippingbelievable mistake by Vonage. Their "Extensions" app incorrectly sorts names in the Contacts list, rendering contacts essentially invisible. Only discoverable by specific...
Rees Clark 30-Nov-2018
Big Pharma competitors have announced a new performance enhancer for the body politic. It\'s called Notrumpatol. With effort, it could have 50 percent market penetration by 2020....
Rees Clark 27-Dec-2017
Pres. Trump has not denied that if he is not invited to the royal wedding he will declare the US independent of the British crown.
Rees Clark 26-Jul-2017
After seven years of "repeal Obamacare!" the (R)s failed to vote it out. The previous votes were meaningless, as Pres. O could veto the attempt. Now that they will have to live...
Frank Alexander 06-Nov-2016
Finish line?

Rees Clark 08-Oct-2016
Ready for Trump; move along, nothing to grab here!

Frank Alexander 24-Sep-2016
Principled stances, not as wide as some former colleagues, but impressive nonetheless.

Rees Clark 02-Sep-2016
Go figure!

Rees Clark 27-Jul-2016
Hold this thought: Republican Renewal Required!
Rees Clark 22-Jun-2015
Attended services yesterday at First AME Church. About 1/3 of congregation self-identified as visitors. Could not help feeling some pride that Seattleites are all AME this week.
Rees Clark 05-Jun-2015
Check out hydroponic gardening at Central Area Urban Gardeners
Rees Clark 09-Nov-2014
The conservative long con; expect it in spades after recent elections.
Sasha McGuire 15-Jul-2013
Getting excited to travel to Woodinville Lavender and seeing and smelling a field of lavender!
Rees Clark 20-Dec-2012
Gun nuts now want to arm schoolteachers after the CT school murders. Yeah, that's what I want, an untrained teacher running away down the hall to get her gun from her purse. The...
Rees Clark 11-Apr-2012
Flawduh, Sath Caaalina Envious as AZ Legislature Plumbs Depths of Stupidity
Rees Clark 20-Mar-2012
Florida still a home for racist morons
Rees Clark 15-Mar-2012
Santorum is a know-nothing
Rees Clark 08-Mar-2012
I note that the "super committee" of the Congress, set up to resolve our fiscal morass, has accomplished exactly what I predicted 210 days ago: Nothing. Quelle surprise! Of course...
Rees Clark 02-Mar-2012
It's not enough to "suspend" advertising on Rush Limbaugh programs. Advertisers must have the courage to cancel altogether.
Icono Clast 24-Feb-2012
It's simple if you're a corporate "leader": (1) Hold wages down with unfair labor practices; (2) Manipulate legislators with donations and dogma to hold taxes down;...
Rees Clark 24-Feb-2012
The current (R) field appears to be the party's 2012 national equivalent of Ellen Craswell. May they have the same result!
Icono Clast 23-Feb-2012
Does Newt Gingrich's 12 year, childless and birth-control-avoiding marriage explain his grumpy demeanor?
Rees Clark 23-Feb-2012
Understanding women RE red-state policies
Rees Clark 20-Jan-2012
Mitt Romney thinks anyone who imagines a more equitable distribution of wealth in the US must be from e.g., North Korea. What century is he living in? I stopped dreading the...
Frank Alexander 05-Jan-2012
Playing catch-up at the SP. New look is easier to navigate, uses familiar conventions, fewer gimmicks.
Rees Clark 12-Jan-2011
It's all about Fremont!
vidya sagar 25-Mar-2010
Buying Seattle Condos---Research Its Neighborhoods First
Rees Clark 17-Jan-2010
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