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Rating Trump's Eligibility for Immigration on his own Scale
They're baa-aack. Now it's the RAISE Act (look up the stupid acronym yourself.)

You need at least 30 points to be eligible.

Hypothetical review for a certain person living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.

How old are you?
> 50, 0 points.

What’s your highest level of education?
US bachelors, 5 points

What’s your English ability?
Good, 10 points

Do you have a job offer?
No, 0 points
(It is unlikely anyone would offer this person a job based on prior service or current recommendations.)

Do you have a Nobel Prize or major international award?
No, 0 points

Have you won an Olympic medal in the past 8 years?
No, surprisingly given this person’s status as the most fit leader in US history, 0 points

Do you plan on investing money (foreign currency) in the US?
No. Despite substantial purported foreign currency holdings, this person prefers to invest abroad in countries with authoritarian, non-democratic governments, and repatriating such holdings would require reporting via IRS, 0 points

I make that 15 points.

Not qualified.

Source: Time Magazine