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New 'Community Journal' to expand news, commentary, etc., in SP site
The Seattle Press is undergoing a substantial change in content management. We have added a "Member Networking" feature that will enable reader-writers to contribute news and commentaries by publishing personal Journals and regular Updates.

The initial capabilities include

  • Member Journals - a full-featured blog/journal lets each member contribute news and commentary.
  • Timely Updates - use this Twitter-like feature to report personal events or to point to articles in your journal or to external sites.
  • Picture and Movie Links - Link to your picture and movie albums on popular media sites like Flickr, YouTube, etc., icons on our site will link to your content on their site.
  • Member to Member Messages - write individual messages to other members; (to reduce spam the number of messages per day is limited).
And coming soon
  • Embed an image in each journal posts
  • Link to Friends and send group messages
  • Form user Groups within the site - this is how we will spotlight neighborhood news
  • Publish your own lists of Favorite sites, books, films...
Check back soon to see what's New(s)!

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