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Family Involvement in Education in WA
Governor Chris Gregoire has proclaimed October 2008 as "Family Involvement in Education Month" in the state of Washington. The proclamation recognizes that:
  • parents and family members are their child's first and most influential teacher;
  • family involvement in a child's learning is critical to success in school and life;
  • the role of families in supporting the success of Washington students from pre-school through college cannot be overstated;
  • family involvement, which requires a vision, policy and framework, is a legitimate element of the education system;
  • when schools, partners, and communities work together as partners, our children benefit.
OEO has recently published - "What every parent needs to know" - a series of four handbooks to help families understand and navigate the state public education system. The series covers these topics:
  • "What every parent needs to know: How to Be an Education Advocate"
  • "What every parent needs to know: Basic Education Rights and Opportunities in Public Schools"
  • "What every parent needs to know: Discipline in Public Schools"
  • "What every parent needs to know: Protecting the Educational Rights of Students with Disabilities in Public Schools"
The handbooks are free and can be ordered by calling OEO toll-free at 1-866-297-2597 or downloaded at OEO's website:

OEO has available two handouts: "25 Tips to Get Involved in Your Child's Education" and "25 Tips for Schools to Involve Parents." For handouts, call toll-free, or download at OEO's website.

OEO is also offering 100 scholarships for parents to attend the "Partnering for Student Success" conference in Yakima on October 2-3.

OEO is an agency within the Governor's Office that provides information regarding elementary and secondary public education, promotes family and community involvement in schools, helps resolve problems between families and educators, makes recommendations to public officials, and offers trainings for parents and educators. It was created to assist Washington's educators and families in their efforts to develop partnerships focused on student achievement and resolve conflict that affects children's academic success.

For more information follow the link below, or contact Patti Carey, Communications Manager, 206-729-3227, or Adie Simmons, Director, 206-729-3232.

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