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Yoko Ono's "unveiling" of a light sculpture honoring John Lennon is IMHO light pollution, unnecessary, and a new standard for heights of vanity. The searchlight memorial will reportedly be visible from October to December each year through a wide area of the North Atlantic from its source in Iceland.

Most Europeans and most Americans east of the Mississippi have never seen the night sky. Given the 500 million light bulbs the and the permanent cloud of dust and smog over the continent, children grow up thinking there are about one percent as many stars and other celestial bodies as actually exist. Thanks to Ono, this doubtful privilege will now extend to the good people of Iceland, as the night sky will now never darken through the darkest season of the year.

People may remember John Lennon for a long time; if it's for his poetry or music. However, one can fearlessly predict that other people with more money than sense will do something similar to Ono's opus and that the one-tenth of the stars will quickly diminish to one one-hundredth and in another generation or so to none. Luckily? by then we'll no doubt have orbiting space billboards perpetually selling vaginal deodorants and NASCAR tickets, illuminated 24 hours by these "memorials."

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