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Voters approve bond, levy proposals in Feb. 6 special election
On Feb. 6, the citizens of Seattle approved two funding measures – Proposition 1, a six-year, $490 million capital bond and Proposition 2, a three-year, $397 million educational programs levy. Both received the more than 60 percent “supermajority” of yes votes required for approval.

“We are grateful to our voters for this solid demonstration of support and affirmation of our mission,” said Superintendent Raj Manhas. “We are particularly grateful for the continued investment in our children, who will reap the huge benefits for years to come.”

“I want to give special thanks to Schools First, Alliance for Education, Seattle Council PTSA Association, Seattle Education Association and all the countless number of associations, community groups, staff, and volunteers who helped tirelessly during the campaign,” he said.

As of Feb. 16, Proposition 1 was passing with 71,809 yes votes and a 68.54 percent approval rate. The bond replaces an expiring capital levy and provides funds for the design, construction and renovation of school facilities, infrastructure and technology improvements throughout the District. The measure includes a program to renovate or replace four high schools, two middle schools, and one K-8 school.

As of Feb. 16, Proposition 2 was also passing with 76,003 yes votes and a 72.23 percent approval rate. The levy replaces the expiring 2004 levy and represents 24 percent of the district’s annual general fund budget. It supports basic educational services not fully funded by the state, such as instructional programs, technology support, student activities, staff salaries, bilingual and special-education services, continuation of full-day kindergarten, student transportation, and security and maintenance for school buildings and grounds.

King County Elections reported that of the 339,984 registered voters in the District’s area, 105,790 had cast their ballots as of Feb. 16. To validate the bond proposition, a total of 90,873 residents must have turned out to vote.

King County Elections will certify final results on Feb. 24. For the latest election results, visit the King County Elections Web site. For more information on the bond and levy propositions, visit the Seattle Public Schools Web site.

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