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Blinky Toys. Ooh, scary!
- Commentary
There was once a radio program called "Boston Blackie" about a fictional detective who saved people from scary criminals despite being constantly at odds with the police. Now "Boston Blinky" has scared the good, brave protectors of the people of Boston. One cannot help but be amused at the overreaction from the local and state governments. So much for the area's reputation as a technologically savvy region.

Perhaps no great surprise: Massachusetts has been well known for panicky overreaction for nearly 400 years. Just down the road, Salem has a whole tourist industry built on its witch trials.

One wonders how far the modern "leaders" will carry their cute little war on LEDs. When they let the dangerous techie-nerds go in a day or so, one hopes the mayor and others will have the grace to eat their ration of crow with the same publicity they used to denounce the "plot."


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