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You Wouldn't Dare!
Ann McFeatters, writing in the Seattle P-I, says that "Vice President Dick Cheney has re-emerged from the shadows, causing a new ripple of speculation about whether his pit-bull attitude serves the president well, whether he's the one dictating Iraq policy, whether he's even thinking clearly.

"Cheney, who was in charge of vetting potential running mates for George W. Bush in 2000 and ended up taking the job himself, is an enigma to many. Whether swearing at a Democrat on the Senate floor or calling former defense chief Donald Rumsfeld the best secretary of defense in U.S. history, Cheney's conduct makes even some Republicans nervous."

There is of course the possibility that it's all a ploy to impeachment-proof Pres. George W. Bush. Your choice: Boy George or Delusional Dick.


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