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New NASA Discovery Adds Mystery to Solar System
NASA has recently released a graphic of recent changes in the definition of the Sun's planets. The diagram may spark a lively debate over an apparent new source of energy in the solar system. (Click image for larger view.)

Discerning readers will note, as did reader G. Clark of Snohomish County, that the Sun is no longer the primary source of light in the solar system. Examination of the accompanying reduced scale view of the NASA diagram will note that the Sun barely illuminates the various planets and newly designated dwarf planets which are also illuminated by a previously unkown light source originating either outside the orbit of the most remote planetoids or perhaps elsewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy or even beyond.

Apparently oblique to the plane of the ecliptic, the new light source radiates with a force clearly many times the power of the Sun, reducing sunlight to a dim glow barely visible on the sunward side of each planet.

This discovery will no doubt be used by NASA and other planetary scientists as a unarguable rationale for additional research funding. We look forward to the results of their investigations. We also look forward to spending our later years in a world run by generations who had this diagram on the walls of their schoolrooms.

We welcome readers' analyses of this exciting development, which is clearly of galactic proportion.