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I, Columnist
We will soon launch a new experimental feature that we hope will attract you into more active participation in the site. You can join this site and report news and add comments. At upper right,
1. find the Join link; click it
2. fill in the form and send it.

You can then comment on posts to the Community Log. To create your own posts, you must request an upgrade to Advanced User status (just write to the editor).

Please exercise good judgment about what you post, and kindly mark commentary as such, to distinguish your observations from your opinion. We ask that you maintain a civil tone and remember the family-friendly intent of our site (we have the tools to ban you, but we'd rather not).

Posts will soon be subject to a dual rating scheme that will affect their position within the system.
1. The readers of posts will be tallied.
2. A mini-poll will let readers rate the post.

Popular and well rated posts may be included in the front page update at the editor's option.

Write well about interesting topics and be visible. Write worthless drivel about useless topics and fade into obscurity. 'Sup to you.

More about this later. As mentioned, this is an experiment. Your ideas are welcome.