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The Role of Lutefisk in Achieving World Peace
In the northwestern United States, lutefisk has risen to a standard of culinary preference matched only by Christmas fruitcake.

Good Recipes for Lutefisk

Note: This section was formerly subtitled Recipes for Good Lutefisk, but readers wrote in to say that was an oxymoron, so we changed it.

We've scoured the globe seeking recipes for lutefisk. To add your recipe for lutefisk, send it here.

Update, February 2004. Still waiting.
Update, April 2005. We've decided to accept Adequate Recipes...
Update, December 2005. This space for rent.

First submission received: The following seems to be the consensus approach to lutefisk.

  • Place your lutefisk on the kitchen counter for approximately fifteen minutes.
  • Season and cook your lutefisk according to any recipe of your choice.
  • Wrap your lutefisk in ordinary newspaper.
  • Throw it out!

About World Peace

We lied; if anything is antithetical to peace it is seeking consensus about lutefisk. (Originally published ca. 2002.)

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