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About the Calendar...

Free = FREE

Announcement of your free event is free when you do it yourself. If we must intervene to correct your data, or if we add it for you, there is a $25 non-recurring fee.

Paid = Payable

If there is an admission charge for your event, we ask for a $15 announcement fee for which we will perform a quality check on your announcement. We reserve the right to delete any event. Don't be a piker; this is cheap!



Before you add an event, please Register as a Member. Members may receive additional support and preferred pricing on additional services.


Events must end not more than six months from the date added.

The calendar supports one-day and consecutive-day events. It supports recurring events with the same diurnal pattern, e.g., Monday-Wednesday repeating weekly, bi-monthly, etc. It does NOT support day-of-week patterns, such as "first Thursday of each month."

If you have a more complex calendar in standard iCalendar format we may be willing to subscribe to it; please write to the editor for more information. Naturally such a calendar must be germane to our regional purpose.