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Pres. Trump has not denied that if he is not invited to the royal wedding he will declare the US independent of the British crown.
7432 27 Dec 2017
After seven years of "repeal Obamacare!" the (R)s failed to vote it out. The previous votes were meaningless, as Pres. O could veto the attempt. Now that they will have to live with the result they crumbled. Color me not surprised.
7398 26 Jul 2017
Ready for Trump; move along, nothing to grab here!
7340 8 Oct 2016
Go figure!
7330 2 Sep 2016
Hold this thought: Republican Renewal Required!
7323 27 Jul 2016
Attended services yesterday at First AME Church. About 1/3 of congregation self-identified as visitors. Could not help feeling some pride that Seattleites are all AME this week.
7181 22 Jun 2015
Check out hydroponic gardening at Central Area Urban Gardeners
7170 5 Jun 2015 LINK
The conservative long con; expect it in spades after recent elections.
3818 9 Nov 2014 LINK
Gun nuts now want to arm schoolteachers after the CT school murders. Yeah, that's what I want, an untrained teacher running away down the hall to get her gun from her purse. The purse is locked in the closet, and the gun's safety is on.
767 20 Dec 2012
Flawduh, Sath Caaalina Envious as AZ Legislature Plumbs Depths of Stupidity
118 11 Apr 2012



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