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Indoor Farm Collaborative
We're putting together a collaborative effort to bring fresh, locally grown vegetables to underserved neighborhoods and to train others to grown them.
Tukwila, WA US
The Challenge

The loss of arable land, increasing costs to small farms, and the ability to scale local food systems--particularly within cities--has limited the availability of nutritious, fresh, and sustainably grown produce for those who need it most. Moreover, the need for access to fresh and healthy food in the shadow of COVID has laid bare the inefficiencies and inequities in our current agriculture system. This escalating food equity gap illuminates the growing opportunity gap within our current food system, which traditionally limits growth for, or systemically exploits, frontline communities and food deserts.

The Solution

IFC is focusing on the Greater Seattle urban areas. Indoor farming allows us to grow a greater quantity of crops, of higher nutrient quality, on less land and in the communities where people suffer from food equity. These greens, herbs, and vegetables grow almost anywhere without relying on variable outdoor climates, and without pesticides and chemicals to compromise worker safety and pollute the surrounding environment.

Our Process

IFC fills workforce jobs now and in the future through training, education and workforce development to improve access to fresh produce within urban communities, while offering advancement opportunities for traditionally marginalized populations.

We create Indoor Farm Collaborative workforce training and vocational learning methods in Greater Seattle urban communities to fill jobs within the region, as well as, create entrepreneurship opportunities for all .

We provide Youth STEM-based education in plant science, math, agriculture, culinary arts, and nutrition.

With the input from commercial indoor farms, we offer programming and business incubation opportunities for those looking to transition careers or launch their own ag-tech business.

As one of the first training programs in the United States targeting workforce and vocational training in indoor agriculture and controlled environments, this provides a new workforce in our region for those underserved, as well as, establishes the PNW as a hub for indoor agriculture and related technology.

Your help would be, well, helpful. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and most donations are tax deductible.