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Northwest Power Technical Sales Assoc.
Pumps, HVAC and engineering machinery to the trade.
2366 Eastlake Avenue East Suite 234 Seattle WA 98102-6500 US

Precision Equipment

Contact us for water, vacuum, heating and cooling and other equipment, including:
  • Gas chlorinators, distillers and water makers.
  • Steam and water coils, unit heaters, air heaters.
  • Brazed plate and frame heat exchangers.
  • Electronic metering pumps, ORP, pH, ion controllers.
  • Slurry pumps, oil-water separators and skimmers.
  • Direct steam injection liquid heaters and sanitary cookers.
  • Gas and oil burners, blowers, combustion equipment.
  • Power burners, Super burner, boiler parts.
  • High pressure centrifugal SS pumps, 2 to 250 gpm.
  • Vacuum and filtration oil purification systems.
  • Belt oil & grease skimmers.
  • High temperature and standard blowers and fans.
  • Custom and standard shell & tube head exchangers, tube bundles, "heat Bank" head recovery systems, blowdown and waste heat recovery systems.
  • Furnaces, ovens, dryers, air heaters.
  • Venturi burners, furnaces, heaters
  • Corrosion rate measuring instruments and probes.
  • Steam and water boilers and accessories.
  • Oil water separators, oil stop valves.
  • Reverse osmosis industrial water purifiers.
  • Feedwater headers, stam condensers, heat exchangers.


We supply equipment from many established firms, including Abanaki, AFE, Alstrom, CEC, Charles A. Hones, Cortest Div. Metal Samples, Donlee Technologies, Enquip Tank Specialties, Horizon Engineering, Hydro-Dyne, Hydro Instruments, IMS, Kaori, LMI, Megator, Pick Heaters, Pyronics, Superior Combustion, Tonkaflo Div., Osmonics, Vacudyne and others.