Seattle Press
Creekside Homeowners Fear Trail Plans
Creekside property owners in the Thornton Creek watershed are banding together to head off potential public trails through their backyards.

In a hastily called meeting February 26, over 65 worried owners of riparian (creekside) homes crowded into a classroom to form a new organization. The purpose of the yet-to-be-named organization will be to advocate for protection of the fragile northeast Seattle creek ecosystem. The anxious assembly put up over $500 to pursue their cause.

Concern over public trails arose following two official mentions of plans for them: one in a draft of a new watershed action plan by Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), and another in a parks levy passed last fall in Seattle.

Group spokesman Skip Knox has been unable to get clear answers from either SPU or Seattle Parks on whether or not plans, official or unofficial, exist for public trails on creek lands.

The group's second and final organizing meeting will be held Thursday, March 29 to ratify bylaws, choose an official name, and file for incorporation papers with the Secretary of State.

For more information about the group or the upcoming meeting, contact Skip Knox at (206) 363-6906.