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Piano Jazz at Julia's of Wallingford
Paul Asaro is a spectacular young jazz pianist now performing three nights a week at Julia's, 1714 N 44th in Wallingford.

Asaro has a wide range of styles, but really shines on blues and boogie pieces and is an accomplished "stride" player, a style where a strong rocking bass line supports a substantial amount of invention and innovation on the right hand end of the keyboard.

It's not background music. Not that it's loud or jarring, but Asaro's playing subtly demands your attention and has the ability to pull you out of a conversation with your table partners, and even to momentarily take your mind off Julia's terrific food.

You can eat heavy or light at Julia's, with a choice of several chicken, fish and vegetarian entrees, imaginative soups and appetizers. The menu is a medley of Middle Eastern, American Southwest and other styles and great desserts! Try their rich and comforting peach cobbler. Prices are moderate; two people can eat extremely well for around $40. And the music is free.

Asaro plays Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights through the end of September. Julia's jazz piano series will continue with Dehner Frank on Wednesdays, Billy Wallace (who once played with Billie Holiday) on Thursdays and Cara Hill on Fridays, for two weeks starting October 6. Asaro returns October 20. Call Julia's at 633-1175 for more information.