Seattle Press
Chemically Sensitive Writer Creates A Green Consulting Business
Patty-Lynne Herlevi, a chemically sensitive writer and musician, found herself unable to work outside of the home so she recently started Crow Mix Media Service, a home-based media consulting business which specializes in promotion for green businesses.

Crow Mix Media Service serves three functions. First, it promotes green businesses and alternative healers to the general public; second, it educates the public about conservation issues through a Web site and documentary films; and third, it assists green businesses in implementing a media plan. By doing all of the above, Crow Mix Media Service promotes non-toxic alternatives and introduces the public to alternative healing practices in which individuals could benefit. Crow Mix Media Service will promote itself and others through the mainstream media and through national green publications.

Although Patty-Lynne considers herself a multimedia artist, she also sees herself as single minded when it comes to the planet. "I keep hearing about the same growth problems in the media, but I still haven't heard the mainstream media address environmentally friendly solutions to the problems. I hear about traffic congestion in the news, but when will the media do a report on electric cars? I hear about too much growth in the area, but when is someone going to address the issue of ecologically friendly housing which is currently available?"

Patty-Lynne moved to Seattle in 1986. She pursued a career as a musician and freelance entertainment journalist until 1995. She handled marketing, public relations and booking duties for Vertigo Bus (herself) and her promotion campaigns landed her radio interviews on KAOS (Olympia), KCMU and KNND and she appeared in The Rocket, Melody Maker (UK), Wire, Option, Propaganda and others. Her work also captured the attention of record labels, Rough Trade (UK) and Dragnet Distributions (Germany).

Patty-Lynne has published her poetry, essays, reviews, articles and fiction in The New Times, Synapse, Women's Work, Common Ground and Point No Point. She also directed and performed mix media productions at ArtsEdge Festival in 1997 and 1998.