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Rees Clark ( 27-Dec-2017 )
Pres. Trump has not denied that if he is not invited to the royal wedding he will declare the US independent of the British crown.
Rees Clark ( 26-Jul-2017 )
After seven years of "repeal Obamacare!" the (R)s failed to vote it out. The previous votes were meaningless, as Pres. O could veto the attempt. Now that they will have to live with the result they crumbled. Color me not surprised.
MadArt Seattle ( 20-Jul-2017 )
The Open House and Artist Talk for "Super Natural" by Jennifer Angus will be Sunday, July 30th from 1-4pm, with the Artist Talk at 2pm. Free and open to the public at MadArt Studio. LINK
MadArt Seattle ( 1-Jun-2017 )
Now through October, MadArt welcomes Jennifer Angus. Working with real insect specimens, Angus will transform MadArt Studio into a floor-to-ceiling menagerie of kaleidoscopic patterns. By appt. during construction through July 30th. LINK
MadArt Seattle ( 1-Jun-2017 )
Now through October, MadArt welcomes Jennifer Angus. Working with real insect specimens, Angus will transform MadArt Studio into a floor-to-ceiling menagerie of kaleidoscopic patterns. By appt. during construction through July 30th. LINK
Susie Starrfield ( 7-Mar-2017 )
Creative Age Festival of Edmonds (“CAFE”) Saturday, April 29th, 2017 8am-7pm Edmonds Senior Center, Downtown Edmonds 220 Railroad Avenue LINK
Frank Alexander ( 23-Feb-2017 )
Testing updates.
MadArt Seattle ( 9-Feb-2017 )
Now through April, MadArt welcomes LET’S, the art team of Peter Lynch, Courtney Barnebey, and Andy Arkley. WE is an interactive installation with sculpture, light, music and video to create positive interactions between the people who engage with it. LINK
Frank Alexander ( 16-Nov-2016 )
On seeing this image, the word "Sonderkommando" popped into my mind. One wonders whether Steven Bannon thought there were too many Jews in the photo. LINK
Frank Alexander ( 6-Nov-2016 )
Finish line?
Mary Margaret Briggs ( 27-Oct-2016 )
Vashon Island Art Studio Tour is a free, self-guided event featuring 80+ artists at 34 studios. Visitors will explore an amazing range of artwork and may purchase directly from the artists. LINK
Rees Clark ( 8-Oct-2016 )
Ready for Trump; move along, nothing to grab here!
Frank Alexander ( 24-Sep-2016 )
Principled stances, not as wide as some former colleagues, but impressive nonetheless.
Rees Clark ( 2-Sep-2016 )
Go figure!
Rees Clark ( 27-Jul-2016 )
Hold this thought: Republican Renewal Required!
Rees Clark ( 22-Jun-2015 )
Attended services yesterday at First AME Church. About 1/3 of congregation self-identified as visitors. Could not help feeling some pride that Seattleites are all AME this week.
Rees Clark ( 5-Jun-2015 )
Check out hydroponic gardening at Central Area Urban Gardeners LINK
Rees Clark ( 9-Nov-2014 )
The conservative long con; expect it in spades after recent elections. LINK
Sasha McGuire ( 15-Jul-2013 )
Getting excited to travel to Woodinville Lavender and seeing and smelling a field of lavender!
Rees Clark ( 20-Dec-2012 )
Gun nuts now want to arm schoolteachers after the CT school murders. Yeah, that's what I want, an untrained teacher running away down the hall to get her gun from her purse. The purse is locked in the closet, and the gun's safety is on.
Rees Clark ( 11-Apr-2012 )
Flawduh, Sath Caaalina Envious as AZ Legislature Plumbs Depths of Stupidity
Rees Clark ( 20-Mar-2012 )
Florida still a home for racist morons
Rees Clark ( 15-Mar-2012 )
Santorum is a know-nothing
Rees Clark ( 8-Mar-2012 )
I note that the "super committee" of the Congress, set up to resolve our fiscal morass, has accomplished exactly what I predicted 210 days ago: Nothing. Quelle surprise! Of course for Rs, this is exactly the goal.
Rees Clark ( 2-Mar-2012 )
It's not enough to "suspend" advertising on Rush Limbaugh programs. Advertisers must have the courage to cancel altogether.
Icono Clast ( 24-Feb-2012 )
It's simple if you're a corporate "leader": (1) Hold wages down with unfair labor practices; (2) Manipulate legislators with donations and dogma to hold taxes down; (3) Keep a growing share of national income.
Rees Clark ( 24-Feb-2012 )
The current (R) field appears to be the party's 2012 national equivalent of Ellen Craswell. May they have the same result!
Icono Clast ( 23-Feb-2012 )
Does Newt Gingrich's 12 year, childless and birth-control-avoiding marriage explain his grumpy demeanor?
Rees Clark ( 23-Feb-2012 )
Understanding women RE red-state policies
Rees Clark ( 20-Jan-2012 )
Mitt Romney thinks anyone who imagines a more equitable distribution of wealth in the US must be from e.g., North Korea. What century is he living in? I stopped dreading the commies even before the Wall came down.
Frank Alexander ( 5-Jan-2012 )
Playing catch-up at the SP. New look is easier to navigate, uses familiar conventions, fewer gimmicks.
Rees Clark ( 12-Jan-2011 )
It's all about Fremont!
vidya sagar ( 25-Mar-2010 )
Buying Seattle Condos---Research Its Neighborhoods First LINK
Rees Clark ( 17-Jan-2010 )
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